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    Awakening The Inner Shaman

    December 4 -8, 2023

    VerdEnergia Pacifica de Lanas

    Costa Rica



  • Join us for an experiential journey into the way of the shaman. This retreat/training is for those who want to connect with their 'Inner Shaman' and are ready to explore NOR (non-ordinary reality).

    We will explore Core-Shamanism, Shamanic Breathwork, Divination, Shape-Shifting, and Shamanic Healing.

    Participants will learn 3 ways to enter the shamanic-state-of-consciousness. They will experience a variety of shamanic healing modalities. There will be opportunities to work individually, in dyads and to experience large group rituals.

    Upon completion of this training you will have a deeper understanding of shamanism and how to bring it into your way of being.

    Due to the deep nature of the work we will be doing it is highly recommended that you be a ISTA - International School of Temple Arts Level 1 graduate or have experience in comparable spiritual work and/or personal development.

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    Meet Your Facilitator - Crystal Dawn Morris


    Crystal Dawn Morris is a Shamanic Minister and Lead Faculty, Tantra Teacher/Coach and Spiritual Midwife. She has been teaching Tantra for Awakening since 2007 and founded an online school, TantraVersity.com in 2018. Crystal is known for her warmth, enthusiasm and ability to create a safe space where magic unfolds. Her events and courses support the recognition of Truth in every aspect of life, from the mundane to the mystical. Embodiment of the True Self reveals the "field of being" that is available in every moment. This reognition creates a sense of ease, vitality and well-being. Crystal lives in Sedona, AZ, USA where she offers coaching in-person, over the phone and via Zoom. She is passionate about helping people wake up so they can experience more love and freedom in their lives.

    Crystal Dawn's Tantra studies began in 1989 after she had a spontaneous kundalini awakening that changed her life. Her formal Tantra studies began in 2003 with Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and founder of Sky Dancing Tantra. Crystal Dawn was a certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher from 2007-2014. Crystal's shamanic path began as a child who connected to Spirit through the natural world around her. She began studying shamanism for her personal healing in 1985. She had a shamanic healing practice from 1995 to 2005. She has studied with Venus Rising Institute, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman and numerous Native Medicine People since 1992. She is a Certified Shamanic Minister.

    Crystal has two grown sons and five grandchildren. After the births of her sons she felt called to be a midwife. She spent over 20 years working in women's health as a RN, Nurse-Midwife, and NP. She is commited to planetary awakening through ISTA, meditation, self-inquiry, Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork, sacred sexuality and the arts.


    email: crystal@tantraforawakening.org

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    Meet Your Host - John Judge

    John Judge is a heart warrior and natural leader. His love affair with life fuels him and his smile is contagious. John is passionate about experiencing life in its fullness as well as inviting and supporting others on the journey of more power, more freedom, and more love!

    As a lover, husband, firefighter, eco warrior, permaculturalist, earth activist, and Awakened Inner Shaman; John's soul calling is expressed joyfully, playfully, and abundantly.

    As organizer and assistant John is honoured to support each one of you as you journey along the way 'Awakening your Inner Shaman'.

  • Awakening The Inner Shaman will be hosted in the lush mountainous jungles of Costa Rica at a regenerative permaculture eco-community named VerdEnergia.

    VerdeEnergia is a growing ecovillage and regenerative agroforestry project situated within acres of reforested jungle.

    Part ecovillage, part reforestation project, part farm, Verde is a community of people on a mission to practice and share practical applications of permaculture.

    "We've integrated our practice into everyday life, using permaculture principles as a guiding tool as we regenerate and gently cultivate the forest we are honoured to call home."




  • Retreat Details

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    This retreat includes:

    • 5 days / 4 nights accommodations
    • 3 meals per day and snacks
    • Full day transformational process and teachings


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    Tuition Rates (shared occupancy, all spots limited)

    • Early Bird Special 1195 USD (limited spaces)
    • Standard Rate 1295 USD
    • Private Room Rate 1595 USD
    • Scholarships available for Costa Rican Residents



  • Ready? Set. Register!

    Feel into your body, your heart, and your mind. Allow them to align in the most perfect way. Is there anything missing for you to join us? We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Then when you are ready...

    Send your deposit by clicking the button above or email us for other forms of payment.

    Then email us to let us know so we can send you the welcome packet with all the information for you to get ready for your journey.

    NOTE: To save on fees, you can PayPal your deposit of 420 USD directly to jpjudge@me.com as Friends & Family.

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